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Elf Bar Elfliq 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquid Review  - GetYourVape

Elf Bar Elfliq In Depth Review: A full review on each flavour

In the rapidly evolving landscape of vaping, two prominent players, Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts, have emerged, each claiming to utilize the same flavorings as Elf Bar disposable vapes. The question arises: in the clash of these titans, which one offers the superior vaping experience? Let's embark on a detailed exploration to discern the nuances that set them apart.

What are Elf Bar Elfliq 10ml Nic Salts

Elfliq stands as the exclusive line of nicotine salt E-Liquids crafted by Elf Bar, the renowned best-selling disposable vape brand in the UK.

Responding to the fervent requests of vapers for a more sustainable approach to savoring their favorite disposable vape flavors, Elf Bar has unveiled its official range of enticing E-Liquids tailored for vape pod enthusiasts.

Elfliq nic salts boast the same exceptional qualities that characterize the brand's disposable vape range, featuring exquisite flavors, a robust throat hit, and swift nicotine delivery—all attributed to the carefully formulated nicotine blend. Available in two nicotine strengths, 10mg and 20mg, these E-Liquids cater to diverse preferences. For a deeper understanding of nic salts, explore our comprehensive guide on what nic salts are.

Elf Bar Elfliq: A Journey of Innovation

Elf Bar, celebrating four years as a trailblazer in the vaping industry, has recently introduced the revolutionary Elfliq series, signaling a shift towards eco-friendly nic salt e-liquids. Operating from Shenzhen, China, Elf Bar maintains a steadfast commitment to complying with the UK's Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR), ensuring that their offerings are fully TPD-compliant.

Commitment to Healthier Vaping

Elf Bar has consistently prioritized crafting a healthier and more enjoyable vaping experience. Their diverse product range includes popular offerings such as Elf Bar 600, 600 V2, T600, CR500, and pod systems like Elf Bar ELFA, Elfa Pro, and Elfa Mate. The Elf Bar FB1000, in particular, has garnered widespread acclaim among pod kit users.

Addressing Disposable Vape Concerns

The realm of disposable vapes has faced criticism on multiple fronts, including concerns about underage vaping, environmental impact, and perceived expenses. Elf Bar, headquartered in the UK, acknowledges these concerns and actively seeks solutions, grappling with the dilemma of choosing disposables over traditional starter kits.

Exploring the Elf Bar ELFLIQ E-Liquid Range

In response to the evolving needs of the vaping community, Elf Bar introduces the ELFLIQ E-liquid range. Tailored for low-powered starter kits like the Uwell Caliburn or Voopoo Vinci pod kit, these e-liquids feature a 50VG/50PG ratio, ideal for discreet Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping. With 10ml bottles and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt strength options, Elf Bar aims to provide a smooth inhale and rapid nicotine absorption.

ELFLIQ Specifications

  • 10ml bottles
  • 10mg / 20mg salt nicotine strength
  • 50VG/50PG
  • Blended for MTL vaping
  • TPD compliant
  • Made in China
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper-evident seal
  • Recyclable Bottle

Flavorful Insights from GetYourVape Reviews

To gain deeper insights into the Elf Bar Elfliq range, we turn to the comprehensive reviews provided by GetYourVape. The expert reviews cover an array of flavors, providing a nuanced understanding of each profile.

Apple Peach

  • Elf Bar Description: A light fruity blend of crisp green apples on inhale and sweet juicy peaches on exhale.
  • GetYourVape Review: Noted as an intense and sweet experience with a dominant peach flavor.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

  • Elf Bar Description: Sweet blueberries with tangy raspberries for a bold and fruity all-day vape.
  • GetYourVape Review: Described as tasty, not overly dry, with a balanced mix of summer fruits.

Cotton Candy Ice

  • Elf Bar Description: Classic carnival flavor with an icy twist, cooling down sugary notes of cotton candy.
  • GetYourVape Review: Characterized as a moreish interpretation with a well-executed strawberry infusion.

Cream Tobacco

  • Elf Bar Description: A rich blend of roasted tobacco with a lighter and slightly sweet cream note.
  • GetYourVape Review: Regarded as an odd mixture with excessive sweetness and an oily quality, making it one of the strangest tobacco vapes tried.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

  • Elf Bar Description: A complex medley of fruity flavors with an overall sweet note sharpened by tangy kiwi.
  • GetYourVape Review: Experienced as an intense flavor with mango dominating the taste, providing a tropical drink vape on steroids.

Pink Grapefruit

  • Elf Bar Description: Distinctive fruit blend replicating the sharp and citrusy notes of grapefruit.
  • GetYourVape Review: Described as refreshing and bursting with flavor, with an early stinging sensation in the throat from cooling.


  • Elf Bar Description: Concentrated mix capturing the sweet taste of refreshing cola with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus.
  • GetYourVape Review: Labeled as a total flavor banger, reminiscent of gummy cola sweets, with a simple yet enjoyable profile.


  • Elf Bar Description: An old-fashioned flavor blending sweet and sour notes for a juicy balance.
  • GetYourVape Review: Noted for a sweet-sour combination, with the cherry not too intense or artificial, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Elf Bar Description: Refreshingly silky fruit vape with the taste of strawberry mixed with smooth ice cream.
  • GetYourVape Review: Praised for a velvety smooth texture, likened to Angel Delight or Strawberry Ambrosia cream, despite an overuse of koolada.


  • Elf Bar Description: A tropical blend of juicy mangoes for a sweetly refreshing flavor.
  • GetYourVape Review: Commended for concentration, punch, and vibrancy, noted as a perfect emulation of disposable vapes but with a more natural and less intense fruit flavor.

Strawberry Ice

  • Elf Bar Description: Fruity flavor with sweet strawberries and a cooling finish.
  • GetYourVape Review: Appreciated for an authentic aroma and natural strawberry blend, labeled a job well done for delivering the expected strawberry experience.

Cherry Cola

  • Elf Bar Description: Blend of vanilla, citrus, and cinnamon creating a fizzy cola taste combined with explosively sour cherry.
  • GetYourVape Review: Found to have fizziness, a pleasant aftertaste, and a classic cola taste, though the cherry is slightly subdued during exhale.


  • Elf Bar Description: Decadently developed grape taste with sweet purple grapes and a lightly icy cool finish.
  • GetYourVape Review: Acknowledged for its intense, juicy quality, compared to disposable vapes for grape enthusiasts.

Peach Ice

  • Elf Bar Description: Fresh peach blend with a bubbly balanced vape, combining ripe peaches with cool aniseed.
  • GetYourVape Review: Declared a flavor banger, praised for its sweet, ripe taste, and effective chilling, making it a simple, single-flavor profile that competes well with disposable alternatives.

Strawberry Kiwi

  • Elf Bar Description: Sweet blend of juicy strawberries and refreshing kiwi with tangy citrus notes.
  • GetYourVape Review: Commended as a finely crafted blend, with a dominant kiwi presence and a delightful mixture of sweetness, tanginess, and cooling.

Elf Bar's Legacy of Innovation

Elf Bar's journey over the past four years has been marked by innovation and a commitment to meeting diverse vaping needs. Their extensive product range, including the Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape, Cigalike Disposable Vape, MC600 Disposable Vape, NC600 Disposable Vape, T600 Disposable Vape, Elfa Pod Kit, Elfa PRO Pod Kit, and Mate 500 Pod Kit, showcases their dedication to providing unique and diverse vaping experiences.

Elf Bar Elfliq vs. Competitors: A Market Perspective

Comparing Elf Bar Elfliq with competitors like Dinner Lady and Bar Series, GetYourVape notes similarities in composition, throat hit, and vapor production. Elf Bar holds its ground among titans in the nic salt scene, promising quality akin to industry leaders. Elf Bar's venture into the e-liquid market positions them as formidable contenders, with Elfliq potentially rivalling the variety offered by Bar Series.

Anticipating Elfliq's Expansion - October 2023 Flavors

GetYourVape presents an update with Jemma's insights on six new Elf Bar ELFLIQ flavors added to the range in October 2023. Each flavor undergoes a detailed review, providing valuable information for vapers considering these additions to the Elfliq series.

Blackcurrant Aniseed

  • Elf Bar Description: A bold spiced fruit blend with juicy blackcurrant and punchy aniseed.
  • GetYourVape Review: Recreates the nostalgic taste of blackcurrant cough sweets, with a menthol Eucalyptus vibe, enhancing the throat sweet experience.

In conclusion, Elf Bar's four-year celebration introduces not only a reflection on their journey but also an exciting leap forward with the Elfliq series. As they continue to innovate and cater to the diverse preferences of vapers, Elf Bar remains a prominent player in the ever-evolving world of vaping.

Elf Bar Elfliq vs. Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts: A Confluence of Flavors

Now, let's pivot our attention to the intriguing comparison between Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts. The vaping community is undoubtedly familiar with Bar Juice, currently touted as the UK's best-selling nic salt range. Bar Juice initially unveiled a range of 10 flavors, all crafted with the same flavorings as Elf Bar disposables. Later, they expanded their repertoire with another 10 flavors, this time incorporating flavorings from the Elux disposable vape range, marking a strategic diversification of their flavor profiles.

The Bar Juice Journey

Attending the UK Vaper Expo in Birmingham in October, insights from Bar Juice's CEO shed light on their plans for future flavor releases. With a commitment to continuous innovation, Bar Juice aims to introduce more flavors, leveraging the flavorings from yet another world-class disposable range. The specifics of this upcoming range are shrouded in anticipation, heightening curiosity among the vaping community.

While Bar Juice isn't exclusively an Elf Bar replica brand, it's noteworthy that their original 10 flavors are Elf Bar-derived. Interestingly, when Elf Bar launched the Elfliq range, they brought forth 12 flavors, 10 of which were already part of the Bar Juice lineup, achieving record-shattering results in the market. Notably, there are only two flavors in the Elfliq range, Pink Grapefruit and Cotton Candy Ice, which don't have counterparts in the Bar Juice lineup.

Vaping Experience Comparison

Having personally embraced Bar Juice's 10mg strength (20mg being too potent), the daily vaping experience was a testament to the brand's commitment to flavor replication. Most of the Bar Juice flavors mirrored the disposables with striking accuracy, with only a single flavor, Watermelon, slightly missing the mark. Even then, the deviation was marginal. In contrast, Elf Bar's rendition of the Watermelon flavor was spot-on. Broadly, the Elfliq flavors exhibited a remarkable similarity to the existing Bar Juice liquids.

Factors Influencing the Vaping Choice

As consumers navigate the realm of vaping, certain factors often influence their choices. Both Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts share similarities — they are priced similarly, offer the same nicotine strengths, and boast a comparable variety. However, Elfliq introduces two exclusive flavors, Pink Grapefruit and Cotton Candy Ice, to the equation.

In the realm of personal preference and brand loyalty, vapers are faced with a nuanced decision. The choice between Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts transcends a mere selection of flavors; it becomes an exploration of individual taste preferences and allegiance to a particular brand ethos.

Delving into Bar Juice: An Additional Layer of Complexity

For those eager to unravel more about the Bar Juice range, including insights into which flavors are sourced from specific devices, a detailed exploration of our Bar Juicer review becomes imperative. This review promises an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Bar Juice, shedding light on flavor origins and the unique blend of offerings that have contributed to its status as the UK's best-selling nic salt range.

In essence, the comparison between Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts transcends a binary judgment of which is superior; it delves into the intricacies of flavor crafting, brand evolution, and the dynamic interplay between consumer preferences and industry innovation.

The Final Verdict: A Harmony of Choices

In the ever-expanding universe of vaping, the choice between Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts is akin to selecting notes for a personalized symphony. The similarities in pricing, nicotine strengths, and flavor varieties present vapers with a harmonious dilemma — a delightful conundrum where personal inclinations and brand allegiances harmonize.

As Elf Bar charts its course into the future, continually pushing boundaries with the Elfliq series, and as Bar Juice prepares to tantalize taste buds with upcoming releases, vapers find themselves at the intersection of choice and discovery. In this journey of a thousand flavors, each puff becomes a note, each blend a melody, and the vaping community, the conductor of its own symphony.

In conclusion, the comparative analysis of Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts not only unravels the intricacies of flavor profiles but also serves as a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the vaping industry. As vapers embark on this sensory voyage, they are poised to savor the rich orchestration of flavors, each brand offering a unique composition in the grand symphony of vaping experiences. The choice, ultimately, is an individualized crescendo, echoing the diverse preferences of the vaping community.

This comprehensive exploration aims to provide vapers with a holistic understanding of Elf Bar Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts, empowering them to make informed choices in their vaping journey. Whether one leans towards the innovative allure of Elfliq or the established excellence of Bar Juice, the orchestra of vaping flavors continues to captivate, inviting enthusiasts to savor the notes and rhythms that resonate most profoundly.

In summary, Elf Bar has triumphantly introduced its rendition of nic salts, derived from their acclaimed disposable vapes. This innovation faithfully recreates the beloved flavors, offering a more economical and environmentally friendly option. Now, pod kit users and novice vapers alike can indulge in Elf Bar's timeless flavors, priced at just £3.99 per bottle or available for a Mix & Match deal of any 4 for £10!

In stark contrast to disposable vapes, which typically provide a maximum of around 600 puffs, Elfliq presents a remarkable advantage, delivering five times as many puffs at a fraction of the cost. This not only enhances the vaping experience but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable alternatives in the vaping community.

To cap it all off, my personal favorites among the Elfliq flavors include:

  1. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  2. Blue Razz Lemonade
  3. Watermelon

With such an enticing array of flavors and the promise of a more cost-effective and eco-conscious vaping experience, there's no reason to hesitate. Dive into the world of Elf Bar's official nic salts today and elevate your vaping journey!